The piCamper mini is a detachable camping box that can be transported on a pick-up truck. It can be easily placed and fixed on the pick-up using 4 fasteners. Due to the location of the door and the small dimensions of the box, it can also fit on a closed platform. A comfortable sleep is ensured by a 200x160 cm double bed.

Structure of the walls is 32 mm thick fibreglass reinforced thermally insulated sandwich panels. The edges are closed with fibreglass profiles, thus avoiding thermal bridges and condensation.

The following accessories come with the fully equipped piCamper:

  • insulated sandwich panel cabin with glass fibre reinforcement
  • 4 foldable levelling feet
  • 4 fasteners for fixing to the van
  • entrance door with locking mechanism and handle
  • external lighting on the right side
  • 3 tilting windows with built-in blinds and mosquito nets
  • skylight with built-in blackout and mosquito net
  • 2 x USB chargers for charging mobile devices
  • 230 V wall socket
  • 13-pin connector for connection to the vehicle


  • double burner gas cooker
  • sink with faucet
  • LED touch switch lighting
  • 70L refrigerator with freezer
  • large storage cupboard


  • seating for 2 people
  • sponge cushions with backrest
  • removable dining table
  • storage cabinet
  • LED touch switch lighting and central lighting


  • 200x180 cm sleeping mattress
  • 2 storage cabinets
  • LED touch switch lighting

Weight: 420 kg

piCamper can also be purchased without equipment. Weight of the empty shell: 260 kg.